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an award-winning User Experience Design firm headquartered in California

Fastest growing specialized ux design firm
innovation by design honoree, 2019
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We specialize in serving enterprise software companies and market leaders in high-tech sectors.

Every UX engagement we lead is focused on improving the metrics that matter most. UXReactor's experience design work is a force multiplier for adoption, retention, CLTV, revenues, and more.


No enterprise UX project
is too ambitious.

UXReactor is headed by executives who have led innovation and design at some of the most iconic tech companies in the world.

Our team of 60+ includes experience design architects and strategists supported by specialists in user research, interaction design, visual experience design, content design, and marketing design — all aligned around UXReactor's proprietary PragmaticUX research and design methods.

And UXReactor is truly global.

We’re headquartered just an hour outside San Francisco, in Pleasanton, California, with offices in Hyderabad, India, and Medellin, Colombia.

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B2B technology companies have unique UX needs. Your technical bench is deep, but to meet rising customer experience expectations, you need even deeper UX capacity.

Only, the difficulty is, few UX agencies have experience with enterprise legacy systems. Fewer still can navigate your organization’s complexity, to drive the most important outcomes.

UXReactor thrives on those very UX challenges.

The main criteria for selecting UXReactor was their familiarity in solving complex problems for enterprise software with elegant solutions. Their ability to empathize with the user and keep them at the center of the product development process would give us an unparalleled business advantage.

Tom Walter,
Blume Global

A clear, communicative, and collaborative team, UXReactor delivered a high-quality solution that delivers against key metrics. They gave consistent updates, were receptive to feedback, and conducted thorough research that drove project success.

Guru Sankararaman

Guru Sankararaman,

UXReactor will better enable any eCommerce team to deliver improved business outcomes for their products. UXReactor has established the most effective working model to help where it is needed the most.

John Seebeck,

I've been lucky enough to have worked in several very high-performing teams at some fast-paced startups in my career, and I would easily place the UXReactor team among the most talented I've interacted or worked with.

Andrew Cranston,

Founding Leaders

Satyam Kantamneni
Managing Partner & Chief eXperience Officer

Satyam founded UXReactor in 2014 together with his brother, Prasad. Under his leadership, UXReactor has become the fastest growing specialized experience design firm in the USA, with a team of 60+ employees spread over three continents.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Satyam served as Managing Director of Product Design at Citrix in San Francisco, where he played a crucial role in growing the product design team from four members to over 100+ practitioners. Satyam was instrumental in building PayPal’s Global Design Center in India while leading a design team in Silicon Valley.

He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s famed General Management Program, studied Design Thinking at Stanford University, and holds a master’s degree in Human Factors from Wright State University.

While at Harvard, Satyam realized that most businesses aren’t leveraging the full power of UX as an engine for strategic growth. Companies either don’t have the in-house design expertise or relegate design to a support role — even when hiring external UX agencies.

Satyam resolved to change that. Through UXReactor, Satyam is demonstrating that UX can and should drive enterprise-wide innovation and business outcomes. UXReactor has enabled clients to generate multiple billions in additional value from user-centered innovation.

Satyam has also advanced the UX discipline by developing the PragmaticUX framework: a consistent, replicable, measurable, and scalable approach to innovation. UXReactor relies on this proven framework to lead user experience and product innovation for multiple Fortune 500 Companies.

He lives in Pleasanton, California with his wife and children. Together with his brother and business partner, Prasad, Satyam leads UXReactor's global service operations, headquartered outside San Fransisco in Pleasanton.

Featured in
Prasad Kantamneni
Founding Partner

Prasad co-founded UXReactor together with Satyam and from 2014 to 2018, acted as CEO. During that time, Prasad recruited, trained, and grew a team of 40+.

Prasad is a specialist in data-driven design with degrees in Human Factors Engineering and Computer Science. He is recognized as an expert in User Experience metrics and design based on cognitive principles.

Before co-founding UXReactor, Prasad worked for 20+ years with cutting-edge companies such as Yahoo! and Honeywell. He also consulted with non-profits on several initiatives to improve the welfare of rural communities through technology. Prasad’s work was recognized by the UN in a global award exclusive to just ten individuals annually.

While at Yahoo!, he was the principal architect of the Eye-Tracking platform and was responsible for significant user experience and revenue improvements. Prasad drove the launch at Yahoo! of the first search assistance feature introduced by any search engine. This experience enhancement touches almost every Internet user today.

Prasad now manages and is a Chief Instructor at Collej, UXReactor's Open Training program, operating out of Santa Clara and Hyderabad. The mission of Collej is to develop and equip world-class User Experience designers with training and mentoring by industry leaders and a supportive community of practice.

Key Strategists & Leads

With 60+ team members spread out over three continents, UXReactor has bench strength. Meet a handful of our key players here and explore the diverse experience that informs our UX design services.

Jamie Yoo

Senior eXperience Design Strategist

Lalatendu Satpathy

Senior eXperience Design Strategist

Vinay Sai Draksharam

Senior eXperience Design Strategist

Sarah Khalid

Experience Design Strategist

Thomas Wuensch

Chief Revenue Officer

Kalyan Gummadi

Engagement Manager & eXperience Design Strategist

Mateo Marín Henao

eXperience Design Architect & Engagement Lead

Luisa Castillo

eXperience Design Architect

Juan Fernando Gordillo Parra

eXperience Design Architect & Engagement Lead

Jonathan Hwang

eXperience Design Architect

Elinor Chang

Chief of Staff

Camilo Rendón Gómez

Country Manager

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