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Case Study

UX Design for Nokia Enhances Service Experience for 32 Million Subscribers

Learn how Nokia created a market-leading innovation with UX design by making users 15x more efficient.

Service Operators Gain 15x Efficiency

Realtime monitoring and data synthesis enable proactive solutions.

5 Data Silos Integrated Into 1 Interface

Customer Growth Rate Doubled

Case Study

Extreme Networks gets a competitive advantage by transforming the customer experience

Learn how our redesign of Extreme Network’s ExtremeCloud™ doubled the efficiency of network administrators.

Case Study

How a UX advantage earned this cybersecurity startup an acquisition deal with Microsoft

Discover how a cybersecurity startup partnered with UXReactor to prototype an innovative product concept. Learn how the startup’s UX advantage paid off.

Their process is rock-solid; it goes far beyond design to really look at the ecosystem of the business in total: from the various personas to the onboarding of new users complete to those that have been using the system for a considerable amount of time.

Tom Walter, Director of UX Blume Global

User-Centric Product Strategy and Design for B2B Enterprise Software

Differentiated digital experiences don’t just happen. They must be deliberately designed.

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