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Case Study

Getting out of conference rooms and into homes: How research delivered 7x ROI and de-risked launch

Case Study

How a user-centric design advantage catalyzed this cybersecurity startup from an idea to a successful acquisition by Microsoft

Case Study

How simplifying complexity helped a cybersecurity startup acquire new users 

Case Study

Beyond the legacy: How a former cybersecurity leader pivoted to the cloud through user-centered design.

Case Study

UXReactor and Tekion Collaborate, Nurturing a Design-Driven Culture for Early Adoption Dominance

Discover how UXReactor’s client Tekion grew to billions of dollars in a span of several years and disrupted an industry by innovating to transform the auto dealership user experience.

Case Study

UX Design for Nokia Enhances Service Experience for 32 Million Subscribers

Learn how Nokia created a market-leading innovation with UX design by making users 15x more efficient.

Case Study

Extreme Networks gets a competitive advantage by transforming the customer experience

Learn how our redesign of Extreme Network’s ExtremeCloud™ doubled the efficiency of network administrators.

Increased Speed 2x

Faster network monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolution.

Consolidated Dozens of Screens

Created Enterprise Design System

UXReactor went beyond the interface and vastly improved the user experience for our complex enterprise application. They’ve become a partner in our success.

Wendy Kastner, Head of Product Design Extreme Networks

User-Centric Product Strategy and Design for Enterprise Software

Differentiated digital experiences don’t just happen. They must be deliberately designed.

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