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How simplifying complexity helped a cybersecurity startup acquire new users 


Vertical: Computer and Network Security


Duration: 1 Year


Modalities: Web Platform

As the use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) surged in the last decade, so did the threat to digital security. In this volatile, ever-changing landscape, CloudVector was founded on the idea of creating a cybersecurity solution to keep APIs secure. CloudVector’s platform was a groundbreaking solution to address these vulnerabilities through advanced, real-time API discovery, monitoring and threat resolution.

Despite having a powerful product, CloudVector faced challenges in appealing to customers during demos because it was difficult to navigate and visually comprehend. With an ambitious growth trajectory, they partnered with UXReactor to refresh the UX of their entire product suite.

UXReactor’s work was released into the product by 2020. In 2021, CloudVector was acquired by Imperva.

Too many products are designed based on limited data about what customers, users, and the market demands. When UXReactor leads venture design, we use customer data to test and prove product-market fit before our clients invest heavily in innovation.

Satyam Kantamneni, Managing Director UXReactor

Personas Impacted

SecOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer


Key Experiences Impacted

Events Handling
Incident Response
Alert Management
The Challenge

Poor User Experience Leads to Low User Acquisition & Retention Rates

Low user acquisition

The key differentiators of CloudVector’s value proposition were not effectively reflected in its products’ user experience or marketing.

Low user advocacy

Users did not have a good understanding of the product early on in order to advocate for its adoption.

Lack of recognition of product’s value

Users faced high cognitive load due to an overload of data, and it took unnecessarily long for users to understand how to make the best use of the product.

Incomprehensible data

The data presented was not easily accessible or actionable for users, with no clear direction for next steps.

Being a startup, we built our own UI and features. We quickly realized that we needed to spend some time and resources on refreshing the UI/UX of the entire product.

– Ravi Balupari, Founder & CTO, Cloud Vector
The Outcomes

Streamlined User Experience Unlocks Product Potential

Increased user acquisition through Product-Led Growth principles

The redesigned Enterprise and Community Editions increased awareness and realization of CloudVector’s value proposition, with the Community Edition allowing users to “try before you buy”.

Increased user advocacy

The upgrade of the free Community Edition allowed DevOps to get a sense of the value of the product without full commitment, and upsell to their teams.

Increased user efficiency by 45%

The simplified interface and navigation design allowed SecOps to be a projected 45% more efficient in completing certain day-to-day tasks.

We’ve released all of UXReactor’s work into our product. Numerous users and customers have appreciated how simple and easy the visual design is to navigate.

– Ravi Balupari, Founder & CTO, Cloud Vector
The Transformation

We defined a hierarchy and flow of data for each user to help them realize value quickly and reduce information overwhelm.

What We Did for CloudVector

Venture Experience Design

  • Requirements Grooming
  • Ideation Workshop
  • Workflows
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Desigining
  • Prototyping
  • Branding
  • Implementation support