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User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth

In User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth, UXReactor co-Founder Satyam Kantamneni distills 25 years of industry experience into a pragmatic approach to help organizations advance in the highly competitive and rapidly changing digital world.

User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth

Control the growth of your product

A comprehensive and practical book for everyone involved in the transformation ― business leaders, design leaders, product managers, engineers, and designers ― User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth is also an ideal blueprint for current and prospective UX practitioners seeking to improve their skills and further their careers.

Igniting Business Growth through UX

You’ll discover:

  • Why putting users at the center of strategy leads to an almost unfair competitive advantage 
  • Ways to build an organizational system that delivers a superior user experience that is replicable, consistent, and scalable 
  • Common shortfalls that prevent organizations from reaping the value of experience design   
  • 27 proven “plays” from the UXReactor playbook to put concepts into practice 
  • Game planning examples to execute at different levels of an organization 

Learn How to Outperform the Competition

User Experience Design is not a book about mere theory. In addition to explaining why design-centric organizations outperform their competition by 2X, it shows how organizations like yours can achieve similar success.

A “treasure trove” of hands-on frameworks, anecdotes, real-life case studies, and personalized roadmaps, User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth is your essential guide that “provides the shortest path to making products, teams, and organizations user-centered.”

Practical guides in the book

Strategies and Processes

A comprehensive set of strategies and processes that help you unlock more business value through experience design and innovate – at will and profitably – by implementing the four elements of the winning experience design system.

27 Plays

From Experience Strategy to User Research Insights, to Product Thinking, to Experience Design Doing, discover the 27 "plays" behind some of the most successful experience innovations.

Personalized Journeys

Get the game plans for leading exceptional experiences — whether you’re a business executive, design leader, strategist, design practitioner, or collaborator.

Endorsed by senior business executives and design leaders

Satyam strikes a perfect balance between demystifying experience strategy and elaborating its practical application in this book. Why has nobody else written about this before?

Bora Chung, Chief Experience Officer

This book provides the shortest path to making products, teams and organizations user-centered.

Marcin Trender, UX Manager Google

This book should be required reading for business leaders. Even a cursory read will help them realize that investment in superior experience is a significant and long-lasting competitive advantage.

Venk Shukla, General Partner Monta Vista Capital

A practical guide for how the best companies leverage design to drive disproportionate returns.

Lewis Black, CEO Actian

Architect Your Unfair Competitive Advantage through User Experience

The most powerful differentiator in business today is the user’s experience with a company’s digital product or service.

Learn What Consumers Want

Consumers embrace digital products that perform flawlessly and integrate seamlessly into their personal and professional lives ― and reject those that don’t.

Companies that exceed a user’s expectations and deliver delightful experiences build an insurmountable competitive advantage.

Understand the Four Factors to Drive Business Growth by Design

The right practitioners and collaborators who have the necessary skills, leadership, and capability to drive the highest impact.

A robust process that is replicable and effective in driving value for the business and its users.

An organizational environment that is collaborative, diverse, and deeply empathic to the users.

Experience, design, outcome, business, system – five mindsets that can overcome most challenges.

This book can be a helpful asset for anyone on your team, regardless of their role and challenges they face.

Executive Leadership

Your teams rely upon you to set the right direction and meet the market's needs with your expertise. We will help unlock the full potential of your solution and secure its greatest value.

Technology Leadership

You need to define the vision, roadmap, and success metrics for your products and services. We can help at every step, including creating and implementing the best user experience.

Product Leadership

Product innovation, design, development, pricing and revenue models all rely on you. We can help you build a cross-functional team that excels at defining, developing, and launching new products.