Kuldeep Kelkar

How to Turn Top Decision Makers Into User Research Champions

You’re a believer in the power of user research to transform product experiences. But despite your passion and persistence, you face an uphill battle getting stakeholders to fully appreciate its value. It’s equally challenging as it is...

Feb 27, 2024 9 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

Competitive UX Benchmark for Health Insurance Providers (Blue Shields of California, Kaiser Permanente, and Cigna)

Research Team: Jamie Yoo, Maria Mona, Shreya Avirneni, and Sandra Mateus. Health Insurance providers in the US spend billions of dollars on digital transformation. Yet, at best, the website experience of Health Insurance providers is “Poor” to...

Feb 7, 2024 6 Min Read UX Research
Jamie Yoo

2024 UX Events & Conferences: A Comprehensive Guide for Designers & Researchers

Staying ahead of the curve has never been more crucial as the design landscape evolves at breakneck speed. The 2024 calendar overflows with many exciting UX events, each promising to unveil groundbreaking trends, unveil insightful research, and...

Jan 26, 2024 5 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

5-V Framework to Demonstrate Impact and Increase Investments for User Research

In my experience leading User Research teams at UXReactor, UserZoom (now UserTesting), and PayPal, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of demonstrating the impact of user research on business outcomes.  It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day...

Jan 10, 2024 12 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

12 Ways to Grow Your Influence as a User Researcher, UX Leader!

Scaling Your Impact: A Guide to Growing Influence as a User Researcher Most researchers, designers, and product managers want to make an impact, grow their influence, and find job satisfaction in doing so. Believable? I say so....

Dec 5, 2023 13 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

Open Letter: Unlocking the Power of Upfront Discovery Research in Your Organization

In a recent 1:1 mentorship session, a User Research leader posed a critical question that might resonate with many:  “We regularly conduct usability testing to improve design prototypes and have a great relationship with the design &...

Nov 14, 2023 7 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

Ever Lost Sleep Over a New Product Launch? Three Rounds of Usability Testing Can Mitigate Risk for You!

Have you ever worked on a product for months, only to find yourself a mix of excited and anxious as its launch approaches? You’re not alone. I know, I have. Interestingly, my sleep doesn’t suffer due to...

Oct 31, 2023 5 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

From guesswork to confident decisions. Rapid Usability Testing to answer key questions that product development teams have.

You find yourself in a project kickoff or design review meeting, and I’d venture to guess that most of you have encountered these common questions (outlined below). I’ve certainly been there. Chances are, this is a recurring...

Oct 24, 2023 9 Min Read UX Research
Satyam Kantamneni

Rising Higher: UXReactor Strengthens Leadership Team Amid Securing Fourth Consecutive Inc. 5000 Recognition

San Francisco, October 18, 2023 (Newswire.com) – UXReactor proudly secured its spot on the Inc. 5000 list for the fourth consecutive year, celebrating its position among America’s distinguished 5000 fastest-growing private companies.  Inc. Magazine’s recognition of rapidly expanding enterprises is...

Oct 18, 2023 3 Min Read News
Satyam Kantamneni

UXReactor Audit: The User-Centricity Secret to De-risking Investment Firm Portfolios

Focusing investment decisions on products that put the user first can strengthen portfolios by identifying promising opportunities and avoiding pitfalls. This is where the groundbreaking advantages of a UXReactor audit come into play: prioritizing user-centricity to significantly...

Sep 20, 2023 7 Min Read Business of Experience