Over the last several years, working with hundreds of clients, UXReactor teams have been involved in several key activities and deliverables. Satyam Kantamneni has distilled our extensive experience into a comprehensive user experience design playbook.

This 5-D Framework shows all key activities we have been involved with across the product development lifecycle (Discover, Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy) in three swim lanes: Experience Strategy, User Research, and Experience Design.

The 5-D Framework is not a rigid template, but a flexible toolkit. It acknowledges that each client and project is unique, allowing for customization and adaptation to specific needs and contexts.

Each activity within the 5-D Framework has its lifecycle. For example, usability testing is a critical component that must be approached with a detailed and iterative methodology. 

We hope this framework serves as a valuable resource for the community. If you find this helpful, please send us a note. Additionally, if you believe some key activities need to be included or have specific needs, we are eager to hear from you and work together to enhance your user experience strategies.

Contact us to collaborate or share feedback.