Vinay Sai Draksharam

Navigating Complexity: The Power of User-Centric Design in Networking

Summary: In the ever-evolving landscape of network infrastructure, merely relying on technical solutions is no longer sufficient for achieving industry leadership. There is a critical need for user-centric design to simplify complex systems, enhance usability, and empower...

Jun 11, 2024 5 Min Read UX Design Strategy
Vinay Sai Draksharam

Improve User Engagement Through Experience Audit

Summary: Creating a product involves significant effort, from studying the market and determining what to build, to actually building the product and constantly evaluating how it can be improved. Despite this, you might still hear comments like:...

Jun 6, 2024 7 Min Read UX Design Strategy
Jamie Yoo

Transforming Insights into Action: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Customer Journey Maps

Summary: Customer journey maps leverage extensive data to drive actionable business insights, helping companies move from data overload to strategic action. Effective journey mapping involves defining objectives, selecting focused user segments, choosing the right map type, and...

Jun 3, 2024 9 Min Read UX Design Strategy
Customer Journey Mapping Workshop by UXReactor
Kuldeep Kelkar

5-D Framework for Experience Strategy, User Research, and Experience Design

Over the last several years, working with hundreds of clients, UXReactor teams have been involved in several key activities and deliverables. Satyam Kantamneni has distilled our extensive experience into a comprehensive user experience design playbook. This 5-D...

May 17, 2024 2 Min Read Business of Experience
Jamie Yoo

The Unseen Power of UX Research in Business: Turning Insights Into Savvy Strategies

User experience research is more than collecting data and conducting usability testing. It’s a powerful strategic tool that can drive innovation, sharpen your product-market fit, and give you a decisive competitive advantage. Of course, you know this....

Apr 30, 2024 2 Min Read Business of Experience
UX Ignite UX Ignite
Season 1 - Episode 12
From Design to Leadership with Rob Williams

This #UXIgnite fireside chat, hosted by Kuldeep Kelkar, Senior Partner at UXReactor, and Rob Williams, AVP of User Experience Design at Sun Life, delves into key insights and strategies shaping the UX landscape. Join them as they explore the journey towards systematic design and leadership development.

Kuldeep Kelkar

How to Present User Research Insights So Non-Research Stakeholders Will Listen

As a user researcher, you dedicate your work life to uncovering deep insights about your product’s users. But too often, all that data seemingly gets lost in the abyss. Rather than influencing strategy and decision-making, your findings...

Apr 16, 2024 1 Min Read UX Research
UX Ignite UX Ignite
Season 1 - Episode 11
Unveiling the Future of UX: Perspectives with Janelle Estes

In this #UXIgnite fireside chat, hosted by Kuldeep Kelkar, Senior Partner, UXReactor, Janelle Estes, Faculty Lecturer, Bentley University and former Chief Insights Officer at UserTesting. They discuss various topics related to the UX industry, including the implications of AI, future skills, amplifying impact, and transitioning into leadership roles.

UX Ignite UX Ignite
Season 1 - Episode 10
The Future of User Research: AI and Beyond with Andy MacMillan

Guest Andy MacMillan, CEO UserTesting and host Kuldeep Kelkar, Senior Partner, UXReactor talkabout the value of user research and the role of AI in the field. Andy shares his journey to becoming a CEO and emphasizes the importance of incorporating user feedback throughout the product development process.

Kuldeep Kelkar

AI for UX: User Research Prompt Best Practices and Framework

Research conducted by Kuldeep Kelkar and Jamie Yoo In the #uxignite podcast, Jakob Nielsen encouraged the UX community to embrace Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to boost productivity. His pivotal advice was simple: “Start small, but...

Mar 27, 2024 6 Min Read UX Research
Prompt Best Practices (REFINE)