Elinor Chang

Product Innovation: How To Spot And Overcome What Isn’t Working With Your Product

Here’s the good news: You have a great product with all the bells and whistles. In fact, your feature set is almost identical to–and in some ways, better than– your biggest competitor who just raised another big...

Jul 11, 2022 24 Min Read UX Design Strategy
Sarah Khalid

How To Avoid Design Failure – Even For Complex, Messy, Enterprise Products

If you have been ignoring your product design problems, it will ultimately lead to designs that drive low or even negative value for the user; in other words, design failure.

May 4, 2022 16 Min Read Business of Experience
Satyam Kantamneni

SalesPOP! : Expert Insight Interview – User Experience and User-Centric Innovation 

Satyam and John Golden discuss user experience and user-centric innovation.

Apr 28, 2022 1 Min Read UX Design Strategy
Satyam Kantamneni

Office of the CTO Interview – User Experience Design

An Office of the CTO interview with Satyam about UX design and user-centered innovation.

Apr 26, 2022 1 Min Read UX Design Strategy

Practice of the Practice Podcast – Think Like a Customer With User-Centric Design

Do people care more about the experience than the features? How do you create your business to be user-centric? Why must you consider your client at every touchpoint? In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Satyam...

Apr 21, 2022 1 Min Read Uncategorized
Satyam Kantamneni

DiscoPosse Podcast – Satyam on UXReactor, the UXD Playbook, and Engineering

Satyam founded UXReactor in 2014 together with his brother, Prasad. Under his leadership, UXReactor has become the fastest growing specialized experience design firm in the USA, with a team of 60+ employees spread over three continents. Before...

Apr 6, 2022 1 Min Read UX Design Strategy
Vinay Sai Draksharam

Should We Redesign Our Product? Here’s How To Figure Out If You Need UI vs UX

Should we update our product look and feel? Does it need to be more modern and sexy? More “WOW”? And if so, can we do it in two months or less?

Mar 31, 2022 14 Min Read UX Design Strategy
Satyam Kantamneni

The *Real* Secret of Tesla’s Success: Creating an All-New Experience for Car Buyers

If ever an experience warranted a redesign, it would be buying a car. In the traditional scenario, tense, drawn-out negotiations with salespeople working on commission and against quotas leave consumers cold.

Dec 2, 2021 8 Min Read Business of Experience
Satyam Kantamneni

Modern Experience Design: How Disney Pioneered the Practice

Note: This is an excerpt from the new book User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth, available now. There’s a reason Walt Disney is often heralded as the world’s first experience designer. According to...

Nov 15, 2021 11 Min Read Business of Experience
Elinor Chang

What I Get Asked Most About My UX Apprenticeship Experience

Whenever I mention that my career at UXReactor as an Associate UX Consultant started with a UX Apprenticeship, people are intrigued by what the Apprenticeship entailed and what my experience was like.

Oct 8, 2021 10 Min Read Design Doing