Staying ahead of the curve has never been more crucial as the design landscape evolves at breakneck speed. The 2024 calendar overflows with many exciting UX events, each promising to unveil groundbreaking trends, unveil insightful research, and foster meaningful connections within the design community. 

From immersive experiences pushing the boundaries of human-computer interaction to ethical considerations surrounding emerging technologies, these conferences offer invaluable opportunities for design professionals to hone their skills, expand their knowledge, and shape the industry’s future.

See the complete list of events below, and read on to see which events we recommend that you attend from anywhere in the world!

List of UX Events 2024

Top 5 Conferences for UX Designers

For UX Designers, we recommend the following events for a well-rounded experience covering a range of UX topics, practical applications, cultural perspectives, leadership insights, and global networking opportunities

  1. axe-con (Feb 20-22): Hosted by Deque, the leader in accessibility tools, services, and training, axe-con is THE conference for all things accessibility. Registration Fee: Free
  2. UX Copenhagen (March 20-21): Immerse yourself in the next wave of UX evolution at UX Copenhagen 2024 – a global rendezvous exploring ‘Degrowth and Consumerism’ for a more purposeful design era. Registration Fee: $580
  3. Config 2024 (Jun 26-27): Figma’s conference for people who build products is the ultimate conference for product builders, featuring dynamic programming that connects the community to the forefront of future product development. Registration Fee: Free
  4. SmashingConf Freiburg (Sept 9-11): SmashingConf Freiburg is the heart of web design—an inclusive event featuring live projects, modern CSS insights, and practical workshops uniting a diverse community, from junior UX’ers to senior front-end developers. Registration Fee: Starting from $647
  5. Leading Design London (Nov 6-7): Leading Design London, curated by Clearleft, is a two-day global gathering of design leaders offering an excellent opportunity to learn from industry experts, connect with peers, and explore curated topics. Registration Fee: Starting from $1084

Top 5 Conferences for UX Researchers

If you are primarily interested in UX Research, we recommend adding the following events to your schedule. They cover a range of formats, from traditional conferences to festivals, and are known for providing valuable insights into cutting-edge research methods and trends. 

  1. UX360 Research Summit 2024 (Jan 30-31): Delve into the latest user research trends at this event. Registration Fee: $299
  2. UXinsight Festival 2024 (Apr 15-17): UXinsight is Europe’s premier community in the Netherlands for passionate UX research professionals, fostering collaborative learning, knowledge exchange, and collective growth. Registration Fee: $TBA
  3. UXDX USA (May 15-17): The conference that breaks down the barriers between Product, UX, Design and Dev so you can build better products, faster, together. Registration Fee: Starting $259
  4. HCI International 2024 (Jun 29 – Jul 4): HCI International 2024, the pinnacle of Human-Computer Interaction conferences returns as a hybrid event, uniting global experts and exploring cutting-edge topics from digital experiences to cybersecurity in its 40th-anniversary celebration. Registration Fee: $895
  5. UXcon Vienna (Sep 19-20): An international platform for UX enthusiasts that provides professional exchange and builds a bridge between the European UX scene and pioneers in the US through expert insights on advanced research, UX psychology, AI & the future of UX, and more. Registration Fee: $860

Equipped with this informative guide, navigate the exciting landscape of UX events and optimize your professional development. The year ahead promises insightful dialogue, cutting-edge trends, and opportunities to shape the future of user experience.

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