This “AI for UX” #UXIgnite Podcast fireside chat between Kuldeep Kelkar (, Jakob Nielsen (Founder of UX Tigers), and Kate Moran (NN/g), discusses the implications, applications, and future of AI in the field of user experience (UX).

Kuldeep, Jakob, and Kate take us into the significant potential of AI to enhance productivity, quality, and satisfaction as well as cautions around tools overpromising and missing critical nuances. The upshot? AI is strongest at accelerating ideation and efficiency, leaving UX designers to focus on higher-level strategic challenges.

Jakob and Kate acknowledge that AI faces ethical issues like privacy, job loss, and environmental impact. But Jakob in particular is optimistic that AI’s societal benefits can outweigh these risks, especially when it comes to improving global standards of living.

Directives for UX professionals:  should proactively build their AI literacy, even in small ways, to capitalize on its benefits. Aligning UX with concrete business goals also remains critical.

The biggest takeaways for UX professionals: 

  • Proactively build you AI literacy now — every small learning helps
  • Align UX with concrete business goals to demonstrate your value
  • Remain cautious with AI, especially newer designers

Thank you Jakob Nielsen and Kate Moran for being part of this 1 hour, 10 mins #UXIgnite fireside chat webinar.

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