User-centric Product Insights
& Design for Enterprise Software

Beyond the legacy: How a former cybersecurity leader pivoted to the cloud through user-centered design.


Vertical: Computer and Network Security


Duration: 2+ Years


Modalities: Desktop, Tablet

RedSeal is a Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity company founded in 2004, that initially became an industry leader with their network modeling capabilities for on-prem environments. Fast forward to 2016: RedSeal knew they had to innovate to help organizations against cyber attacks on their cloud and hybrid network environments. 

UXReactor was retained for a 6-month engagement that turned into a multi-year partnership to help RedSeal on their journey from an on-prem to a cloud-based solution. During this time, UXReactor and RedSeal were able to transition the legacy product with tailored end-to-end experiences for multiple user groups and foster an internal user-centric design culture. 

If all you’re trying to do is revamp your web page, that would be an under-use of UXReactor’s skills. If you feel really strongly about UX and you have a strategic project, that would be an excellent fit for them. They’ll do a lot of research and iterate constantly.

Kurt Van Etten, Chief Product Officer

Personas Impacted

Security Ops

Network Ops

Cloud Security Engineer

Network Admin

Incident Response Analyst

Vulnerability Manager

Key Experiences Impacted

Data Collection
Network Modeling
Risk Analysis
Vulnerability Management
Risk Assessment and Troubleshooting
User Management
The Challenge

Dated Technology and Market Pressure, Complexity Issues, and Lack of User-Focus

Increasing pressure requiring rapid innovation

The cybersecurity landscape was rapidly changing and growing, with nimbler entrants to the market threatening market share.

User adoption issues related to product experience complexity

The existing platform required several workarounds and high learning curves and support, putting customer adoption at risk.

Lack of strategic road-mapping and user-centric decision-making

Without any in-house UX design or user research teams, historically, product decisions were often driven by technical considerations and technical debt.

The map is good, it tells you untrusted/trusted and firewalls, etc. It just needs to be a usable product, instead of trying to fix it all the time.

– User, Security Ops,
The Outcomes

Enhanced User Productivity and Market Entry Through Streamlined UX Solutions

Designed 7 product releases to keep RedSeal competitive

We collaborated with RedSeal to launch their web platform, enter the realm of cloud security posture management, and worked on 7 product releases in total.

Increased user efficiency and adoption with 8 workspaces

We transformed a “one-size fits all” approach to more nuanced, simplified and competitive experiences for multiple types of cybersecurity professionals and administrators.

Scaled user-centric mindsets and behaviors across functions

We regularly gathered and communicated user insights, and created and fine-tuned cross-functional collaboration systems with Product, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Content.

This interface will allow an analyst to be far more productive really quickly, without having to spend a lot of time learning the interface. It seems a lot more intuitive……

– User2, Security Ops,
The Transformation

We transformed the product from a one-size-fits-all console to a simplified platform with tailored workspaces that align with different users’ goals.

What We Did for RedSeal


  • Experience Ecosystem
  • Product Experience Plan
  • Experience Roadmap


  • User Testing
  • Card Sorting
  • Interviews
  • Persona Definition

Experience Design

  • Requirements Grooming
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Workflow
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Desigining
  • Prototyping
  • Design System
  • Implementation support