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Getting out of conference rooms and into homes: How research delivered 7x ROI and de-risked launch


Vertical: IoT


Duration: 6 weeks


Modalities: Hardware, Mobile-iOS

Arlo Technologies is a leader in smart home IoT, with a focus on home security products. In Fall 2023, they launched a new line of products, catering to a new market, with a new installation experience. Needless to say, there were a lot of unknowns prior to launch.  

Arlo engaged UXReactor in July 2023 to mitigate risks to the adoption of these new devices. Time was of the essence and it was critical for Arlo to know what pressing issues could come up during the installation process so that any necessary modifications could be made immediately.

It was really a great experience to work with UXReactor and the project made a meaningful impact to help us uncover some important unforeseen issues that need to be addressed immediately. Thank you for your flexibility and grace under pressure too!

Scott McManigal, SVP Design and Experience Arlo

Personas Impacted


Key Experiences Impacted

App Onboarding
Adding Device
The Challenge

Lack of Visibility Increased Product Adoption Risk

Obstacles to customer onboarding

The Arlo team was concerned about whether the onboarding experience was self-service and intuitive enough to allow users to successfully install the products without additional support

Onboarding is something that needs to happen smoothly for the success of this launch. It’s important to understand what customers go through by seeing it for ourselves.

– SVP, Design and Experience, Arlo
The Outcomes

Insights Led to Actions that Reduced Product Adoption Risks

Mitigated risks to onboarding

We identified 9 key issues to the unboxing and installation experiences, the most critical of which the Arlo team reiterated on immediately prior to launch

Delivered a 7X ROI

Our findings triggered design interventions, with estimated costs savings in categories such as reduced calls to support, and savings on rework after Go-To-Market. Our calculations ranged from hyper conservative estimates (2X ROI) to more realistic one (11x ROI), resulting in an average of almost 7X ROI.

… the project made a meaningful impact to help us uncover some important unforeseen issues that need to be addressed immediately.

– SVP, Design and Experience, Arlo
The Transformation

The contextual inquiry study allowed Arlo to understand which issues needed immediate fixing prior to the launch of the product

What We Did for Arlo


  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Research Report