Some of the team
Some of the team

110 Years of combined eXperience driving product UX

Jamie Yoo

Ex-radio host, turned ad professional, turned eXperience enthusiast. Always down to find out WHY and advocating for insight driven decisions on a daily basis. I drive research and design to ensure that user's are at top of mind in all steps of the journey. Happy users make me happy :D

Vinay Draksharam

I love cracking jokes and helping to create a fun and creative atmosphere at work. I mix a multidisciplinary approach which blends branding, planning and eXperience design to create outstanding digital products. I help in keeping projects unified and focused from strategy creation through product launches.

Sarah Khalid

Working as an architect and then an urban designer is what led me into the world of human-centered design, and ultimately in becoming a UX Consultant. I enjoy working with my teammates from all over the globe to design eXperiences that deliver the value our partners need to succeed. When I’m not working I love taking in nature!

Mateo Marin

It’s great working on challenging projects with very smart people. Designing a visual language to help add emotion and feeling to projects is my passion. Doing so with my team to create great eXperiences for users is what makes coming to work fun.

Luisa Fernanda Castillo Henao

Working here means tackling new challenges everyday. It is so exciting working with and learning with a team from so many different backgrounds. And it’s awesome when we solve problems through designing better eXperiences for users.

Prasad Image

Prasad Kantamneni


Prasad is the CEO of UXReactor. He spent 15 years working with Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in data-driven design. One of the achievements he is most proud of is using data to build a case and drive the launch of Yahoo!’s search assistance feature (also known as search suggestions), a feature that touches almost all internet users across the world today.

Satyam Image

Satyam Kantamneni


Satyam is the Chief eXperience Officer at UXReactor. He was a leader at companies like Citrix and PayPal and also attended Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, Satyam realized that design’s optimal role was driving business strategy, rather than being used as a support role.

Do you want to hang out and talk ideas?

Who are we?
Who are we?

Well, we’re glad you asked

Let’s just start off by saying the best thing about UXReactor is that no matter what our language, country, background, we come together as a unit by rallying around our core values.

UX Problem Solvers

Problem solvers at work and in life

UX Problem Solvers

For us, ideating is a way of life, and collaboration is a means to better outcomes. Problems are most creatively solved when approached from different angles, so we often like to put our heads together to see what magic comes from it.

Lifelong learners

Life Long UX Partners

There is no shortage of knowledge in the world, and the world is at our fingertips. We empower our team, regardless of age or years of eXperience, to learn and teach through our mentoring programs, weekly learning sessions, and Dream Machine.

Life Long UX Partners
Growth Driven Outcomes

Growth Mindset

Growth Driven Outcomes

As an organization, we believe that a growth mindset is key to success, which is why reflection is built into our process. We understand that there is always room for improvements and are always open to new mountains to climb.


UX Design Partners Foodies

We’re not really sure what this means, but we definitely love to eat. More often than not, we can be found bonding over a bomb @$$ meal.

We are always looking for new partnerships with people who think like us. Do we sound like a match? Get in touch and let’s get to work learning together and tackling the problems that will change the future.

UX Design Partners Foodies
We are hiring
We are hiring

Open positions in:

UX Design Apprentice

Are you looking to learn and accelerate your career? Our UX Design apprentice is the challenge you may be looking for. You will spend 6 months under the guidance of a principal member of our veteran Silicon Valley team. During this initial engagement you will learn state of the art techniques, processes and methods that fall under the our proprietary PragmaticUX framework.

We are looking for teammates who have a diploma or degree in design/architecture/fine arts/science/engineering/ or business. This is a career path opportunity for those who are successful to move on in our UXReactor ecosystem (Apprentice-UX Associate- UX Designer). If you are ready to challenge yourself click below.

Content Writer

Do you want to work with and help create content around one of the hottest professions in tech? We are looking for someone to lead our UX Design studios content and outreach strategies. We are looking for a self-starter who can also enjoy working in collaboration with a diverse team.

You will work with and on all forms of social media and outreach, as well as working with international teammates. You will eventually oversee all marketing content initiatives to ensure customer engagement, brand consistency, and a positive customer eXperience.

Software Development Lead

Do you have the drive and guts to take on ideas that challenge the ordinary? We are looking for a problem-solving software engineer to help us build and bring to life revolutionary digital products. UXReactor is an international team that pushes ourselves every single day to learn and tackles seemingly impossible problems.

We are looking for someone who has 5 -7 years hands-on eXperience on Full & MEAN Stack development and demonstrated eXperience on deploying AWS, Google Cloud and other similar services. If you are ready to take on these challenges click below.


Does the idea of pushing limits to create award winning and world class digital products sound exciting? We are looking for a leader to help our handpicked clients solve billion dollar design problems. You will be leading a diverse and international team while working on a diverse range of products. If all of this gets you excited, we may have the perfect position for you.

You will need to show a history of leading and teaching others, being able to communicate effectively, as well as possessing a formal degree in communication design, graphic design or applied arts. If you are ready to take on these challenges click below.


We we would welcome a visual designer to tackle big problems and design the emotional eXperience for revolutionary products. If you dream to work with a diverse and international team who will challenge you to push yourself to new limits then we have a role for you.

You will need to provide us with a portfolio that demonstrates a proficiency or inclination towards UX Design, and have an educational background or work eXperience in applied arts, graphic design, or communication design. If we sound like a fit, please click below.


Are you a UX Designer looking to up your game in an intense and challenging environment? We are looking for teammates to help us design the eXperiences and products that are driving the digital economy. We are an international team that pushes each other to learn and tackle seemingly impossible problems.

We are looking for someone who has at least two years eXperience designing for all digital mediums including web, mobile, desktop, and native software. Good team and communication skills are a must. If you are ready to take it to the next level get your portfolio ready and click below.

Design Apprentice

Do you want to create the emotional eXperience for revolutionary products? Do you want to travel and get out of your comfort zone? UXReactor is in the process of potentially planning opening an office in Colombia, and is looking for visual designers who are interested in travelling to work in our Hyderabad, India office to become onboarded into our system.

You will need to provide us with a portfolio that demonstrates a proficiency or inclination towards UX Design, and have an educational background or work eXperience in applied arts, graphic design, or communication design. You also must be willing to train and live in Hyderabad for a period ranging from six months to one year. If this sounds like the opportunity you are looking for click below.

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