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Culture Machine was founded in July 2013 by two visionaries: Venkat Prasad, formerly of YouTube and Google, and Sameer Pitalwalla, the former director of video and celebrity for Disney India. One of the largest and fastest growing media companies in all of Asia, they were listed in the 2015 Cannes Lions awards for the top 50 marketing tech start ups in the world. They currently have offices in the U.S., India, and Singapore.

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Identifying problems

Culture Machine used third-party tools and software. And they had a vision of building a product that would suit their needs, but they had a problem and didn’t know the best way forward. They had to increase the scale of their video production to be able to achieve their vision and unlock the market they knew was out there waiting. They didn’t just want a team of UX designers, they needed a true partner who believed in their vision as much as they did.

That’s when they contacted us.

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Identifying optimal solutions

This was our first time dealing with digital media and video production. We needed to get to know about our potential partners and their marketplace. A good way to do this is to have a face to face conversation. So we got on an airplane and flew to Mumbai to meet and learn.

First, we had to understand the language of Culture Machine. You accomplish this by asking the right questions. And you keep asking them until you have a concept map that lays out your partner’s ecosystem and identifies the stakeholders.

By the time we finished our conversations we were able to identify a roadmap forward. But more than that, we now understood, agreed with, and could articulate their vision. We were partners.

A single problem can have many solutions, but not all solutions are created equal. Is your car dirty? Buy a new one! Problem solved! But of course, that isn’t the right solution.

That is the mindset we have for our partners. We don’t want to give any solution. We want to find the right one.

To do this, we have a method we call LBMAR (Learn-Build-Measure-Analyze-Repeat) which allows us to look at every problem from every angle and test it. We create and test prototypes throughout the process and share the information with our partners.

In Cultures Machines case, we were able to identity 57 distinct solutions by creating and exploring over 600 screens. Using their feedback and our analysis, we narrowed it down to one solution in 69 high-quality screens.

This solution solved not just for the scalability, but also maintained the high level of quality output required.

Together, we had created the product they needed.

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Unlocking productivity

The project ended with more than a design being delivered. As partners, we had created a new validated product.

First this product automated the processes allowing them to lower errors from manual input by 98%. This freed Culture Machine to focus on what they really should be: making and distributing videos.

Second, when we started with Culture Machine, they were able to produce videos daily in the double digit range. But when we finished they were able to produce in quadruple digits. Their productivity had increased a hundredfold. What had been possible was now completely redefined. 100x increase.

Together we had made their vision a reality.

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