Kuldeep Kelkar

Competitive UX Benchmark for Health Insurance Providers (Blue Shields of California, Kaiser Permanente, and Cigna)

Research Team: Jamie Yoo, Maria Mona, Shreya Avirneni, and Sandra Mateus. Health Insurance providers in the US spend billions of dollars on digital transformation. Yet, at best, the website experience of Health Insurance providers is “Poor” to...

Feb 7, 2024 6 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

AI for UX, a Fireside Chat With Dr. Jakob Nielsen & Kate Moran

This “AI for UX” #UXIgnite Podcast fireside chat between Kuldeep Kelkar (UXReactor.com), Jakob Nielsen (Founder of UX Tigers), and Kate Moran (NN/g), discusses the implications, applications, and future of AI in the field of user experience (UX)....

Feb 5, 2024 2 Min Read UX Research
UX Ignite UX Ignite
Season 1 - Episode 3
UX Ignite Podcast – Product Leader’s Perspective on UX Design & Research with Mayuresh Ektare

In this fireside chat hosted by Kuldeep Kelkar, Senior Partner at UXReactor, Mayuresh Ektare, SVP Product Management at Brinqa, discusses the importance of user experience and user research in product development.

Jamie Yoo

2024 UX Events & Conferences: A Comprehensive Guide for Designers & Researchers

Staying ahead of the curve has never been more crucial as the design landscape evolves at breakneck speed. The 2024 calendar overflows with many exciting UX events, each promising to unveil groundbreaking trends, unveil insightful research, and...

Jan 26, 2024 5 Min Read UX Research
UX Ignite UX Ignite
Season 1 - Episode 2
UX Ignite Podcast – Key User Experience Design and User Researcher skills with K.C. Teis

In this fireside chat hosted by Kuldeep Kelkar, Senior Partner, UXReactor, K.C. Teis, Executive Director of Experience Design at Athena Health, shares his journey into UX and his insights on user experience and design.

UX Ignite UX Ignite
Season 1 - Episode 1
UX Ignite Podcast -The Digital Experience Company with Alfonso de la Nuez

In this fireside chat hosted by Kuldeep Kelkar, Senior Partner, UXReactor, Alfonso De La Nuez, co-founder and former CEO of UserZoom, discusses his journey in the user experience (UX) industry and the importance of user research and design.

Kuldeep Kelkar

5-V Framework to Demonstrate Impact and Increase Investments for User Research

In my experience leading User Research teams at UXReactor, UserZoom (now UserTesting), and PayPal, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of demonstrating the impact of user research on business outcomes.  It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day...

Jan 10, 2024 12 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

12 Ways to Grow Your Influence as a User Researcher, UX Leader!

Scaling Your Impact: A Guide to Growing Influence as a User Researcher Most researchers, designers, and product managers want to make an impact, grow their influence, and find job satisfaction in doing so. Believable? I say so....

Dec 5, 2023 13 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

Open Letter: Unlocking the Power of Upfront Discovery Research in Your Organization

In a recent 1:1 mentorship session, a User Research leader posed a critical question that might resonate with many:  “We regularly conduct usability testing to improve design prototypes and have a great relationship with the design &...

Nov 14, 2023 7 Min Read UX Research
Kuldeep Kelkar

Ever Lost Sleep Over a New Product Launch? Three Rounds of Usability Testing Can Mitigate Risk for You!

Have you ever worked on a product for months, only to find yourself a mix of excited and anxious as its launch approaches? You’re not alone. I know, I have. Interestingly, my sleep doesn’t suffer due to...

Oct 31, 2023 5 Min Read UX Research