Elinor Chang

Product UX Optimization: Using Data To Guide You On How To Improve Your UX

This article is part of the Founder’s Guide to UX Research, where we break down methods that will help you and your product team understand your users, improve your product eXperience, and exceed your business goals.

May 15, 2019 9 Min Read UX Research
Elinor Chang

Experience Audit: An Objective, Expert View To Identify Gaps In Your User Experience

An eXperience audit, aka “Expert Design Review,” is a quick way to make sure your product does not contain any basic usability errors and to identify potential areas of improvement.

May 5, 2019 5 Min Read UX Research
Elinor Chang

Why Usability Testing Is A Must: Simple Ways To Capture 80% Of Usability Issues By Testing Your Product With 5 Users

To give your users what they want, it can be as easy as finding them and asking. If you aren’t familiar with the term usability testing, here’s the gist:

May 1, 2019 7 Min Read UX Research