Technology, with its rapid advancements and widespread sources, can be quickly caught up to and replicated. But creating a truly exceptional user experience is different. User-centric product design takes time, expertise, and dedication. And the companies that realize this and prioritize it early in their process own a competitive edge. 

Today’s digital product users are savvy. They live in a digital-first world and therefore have become accustomed to a variety of user experiences. From the widely critiqued McDonald’s self-serve kiosks to universally celebrated Tesla customer experience, users know a good experience from a bad one. And if there are other options out there, they’ll have no trouble making the switch to something better.

Study after study shows those who embrace a user-centric mindset outperform their competitors in adoption, satisfaction, retention, efficiency and engagement. So why hasn’t the cybersecurity industry adopted this mindset? With users who are typically technical experts, user-centricity hasn’t been much of a priority. But with the landscape rapidly evolving and more non-expert users adopting cybersecurity products everyday, user-centricity is imperative.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • Why user-centricity matters in cybersecurity products
  • Why agile adaptation to user needs is critical
  • 3 ways to put users first in your cybersecurity product design

Download the white paper to learn how to maximize adoption, minimize churn, set a new standard in an ever-evolving industry.