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Companies with the XFactor Lead with Unbeatable Experiences

It’s no longer enough to win on software features or platform design. To stay competitive, you must deliver exceptional end-to-end experiences.

Like companies with what we call the “XFactor”.

XFactor companies capture and convert trial users with more ease. Their products are stickier, and customers just can’t be lured away.

Because XFactor companies deliver on user wants and needs that other companies can’t even see.

Their solutions are first and foremost user-centered. And their entire ecosystems are finely tuned to meet higher end-to-end experience expectations. On repeat.

Your company can have the XFactor, too.

• • •

Great Experiences Don’t Just Happen. 
They’re Deliberately Designed.

It’s hard to put your finger on the XFactor.

“It’s the user interface,” competitors say. And they rush off to mirror the look and feel of the latest “it” platform.

In fact, about 50% of requests for our UX design services start like this:

“We have a major release in a few weeks; can we clean up the screens?”
“We need to create a mobile product because our competitor just launched one.”
“Our sales partners told us that our product looks dated, and we need to redesign it.”
“Can you give us wireframes fast? We have engineers ready to build.”

But the secret to gaining an uncopyable competitive advantage?

It’s not being the fastest to fix superficial experience issues. Cosmetic updates only address the UI, not the end-to-end experience.

When you have the XFactor, you don’t fixate on the surface issues. You go deeper to understand your customers and users better than the competition.

When you ideate and design, your solutions start with the question, “What does the user need?”

And you architect user-centered experiences end-to-end. From sales to support, billing and renewal, you meet the customer’s need at each moment, at each touchpoint.

Unlock the Power of
User-Centered Experience

for Your Business

In a market where too many firms think UX design is nothing more than tweaking user interface…

You can have the advantage.

You can build an economic moat, protecting your long-term profits and market share.

Digital transformation is a must to survive, but experience transformation is a must to thrive.

To win in this game, businesses need an experience-first mindset, deep user understanding, and a systems approach to deliver magical experiences to customers and end-users.
Satyam Kantamneni,
Managing Partner uxreactor
(CIO Review magazine, June 2021)
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UX Discovery Services

Discover & validate opportunities to innovate

Innovation is the life-blood of your firm.

But it’s costly, time-consuming, and risky. After all, 42% of innovations fail due to poor product-market fit.

Yours doesn’t have to. Get an innovation edge with UX Discovery services.

UX Discovery flips the usual formula of engineering solutions by leaning on your internal expertise, instinct, technology, and process.

“Inside first” innovation inevitably generates tired, overly complicated solutions that miss the mark. It’s wasteful.

At UXReactor, we look outward first.

We kick-start innovation by better understanding the user. What do they really want and need? What is the market not providing?

UX Discovery is the process of uncovering and validating higher-value opportunities — whether those are opportunities to create new products and new experiences, enhance existing products, or reposition and redesign your solutions for new markets.

Then, we validate demand and design innovations with tight product-market fit.

So that you can make smarter investment decisions. And you can exploit high-value opportunities before the competition.

To kick start your innovation advantage, reach out to request a free consultation with UXReactor.

Far beyond design...

Their process is rock-solid; it goes far beyond design to really look at the ecosystem of the business in total: from the various personas to the onboarding of new users complete to those that have been using the system for a considerable amount of time.

Tom Walter,
Blume Global

Transformative in our

UXReactor is an expert in their field. They helped change the thought process we have at our organization. Bringing in that [pragmatic user-centric design] mindset was transformative in our organization.

Justin Hou,

UX Design Service

Break the mold of product development “as usual”

Designing an all-new product experience? Upgrading an existing one?

UXReactor delivers end-to-end experience design for B2B firms like yours.

Why bring in an outside UX firm?

To break the mold of product development “as usual”.

In B2B software, the temptation is to compete on features. To engineer solutions, instead of designing around the user’s experience.

If you’ve been down that path, you know where it leads.

You bolt-on features, one by one. Your team ticks off user experience as an afterthought to development.

Over time, the application grows complicated. Ease of use suffers. Adoption and retention rates fall.

And those supposedly game-changing features? They don’t deliver an ROI.

It’s a pattern that plagues B2B software. But if you’re ready to leave it behind, our team of strategists and designers can help.

UXReactor works with firms like yours to design around user experience first.

We become members of your team.

Only, we’re members who don’t have on the blinders that come with insider experience. We bring an outside perspective and speak for the user.

We aren’t constrained by the silos that obstruct your best UX intentions. We work across your functions and bring your teams together around user-centered design.

The result?

Products that are intuitive and streamlined.

Remarkable experiences across the entire customer journey, positioning you as a market leader.

A market position that can’t be copied next week or next month.

A partner in our success...

UXReactor far exceeded our expectations for a project that was initially planned to be an update of our UI. They went beyond the interface and vastly improved the user workflows while crafting a new and much-improved user experience for our complex enterprise application.

Because of the success in the initial phase, we have engaged them to continue with improvements throughout. We are very pleased with our relationship with UXReactor, and consider them a partner in our success.

Wendy Kastner,
Extreme Networks

An extension of our team...

The workflow is best described as seamless. They became an extension of our team and embedded themselves in a way that allowed us to incorporate their thinking without losing a beat in our delivery.

Tom Walter,
Blume Global

More happy customers...

We consolidated 5 disparate solutions into one centralized platform for service operators to service their customers. They are now able to process issues seamlessly and 15 times faster, thereby creating more happy customers.

Sam Finger,
Nokia Software Solutions

Transformative at our organization...

In the past, the storage space was all about the number of levers and knobs that we could have. But that’s very intimidating to new customer acquisition and coming in with a pragmatic user-centric design. Simplifying that to meet business objectives and bringing in that mindset was transformative at our organization. It helped pave the way for how we’re approaching and thinking about our future in terms of the vision for our storage infrastructure.

Mike East,

Beyond UX

Get the formula for endless Experience Transformation

Our best clients come for UX Design — and quickly realize they need more.

Because it’s not enough to bring in outside expertise.

To get the XFactor advantage long-term, you need to become a user-first organization.

Only then can you innovate at will and deliver market-leading experiences consistently.

To get there, clients say, “We’d love to just replicate what you have. We’d love to hire your trainees and adopt your UX playbook.”

Hiring UX talent is a start. Processes are essential.

But if your UX talent can’t influence more than your screens, having designers on staff won’t turn you into Apple.

To get the “economic moat” you need, you need to organize your firm around user-centered design.

That means bringing user insight into your business strategy.

It means breaking down the organizational barriers to exceptional experience design. (Yes, those silos have to go.)

And it means cultivating “consciousness of the customer” everywhere. Creating a culture of user-centricity.

What does that look like?

You’ll know it when you hear, “What does the user think?” resonating through your halls. Not just isolated to the offices of a few UX and visual designers.

But on the lips of leadership, engineering, marketing, sales…

Sound utopian? Our clients are doing it.

And they’re reaping exponential value. Talk to UXReactor about how we can help you get the XFactor advantage long-term.

I knew the approach that Satyam had deployed when working in Citrix and I wanted for him to expose our teams to that thought process that would ultimately increase that awareness and support of customer and design thinking and user experience in what we do and how we do it.

Lewis Black,
CEO, Actian

We needed a strategic partner to help us in the area of delivering great experiences to customers. Our goal from the beginning has been to build our own design center of excellence inside Nokia.

Using UXReactor was viewed as a bridge, so we could determine what type of talent we need, what type of culture we need, and how a good design experience organization should influence and control the broader ecosystem, making big complex solutions.

So, we've been building our own internal design organization in the background while learning from our work with UXReactor.

Mike Homeier,
Solution Manager Leader, Nokia

Start the Conversation Around User Experience

Questions about how UXReactor delivers outcomes for clients? Ready to learn more?

Why not learn while starting a conversation inside your organization about how to get the XFactor?

Invite Satyam Kantamneni,  Managing Partner & Chief Experience Officer, to speak with your leadership, product, or design team.

Satyam is inspiring, challenging, and an authority on elevating experience in B2B enterprise firms.

Shortcut your path to an uncopyable competitive advantage. Draw on Satyam’s experience driving outcomes for leading US tech firms.