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Users in over 30 research studies

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Concepts explored

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Patentable Ideas

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Design systems


Tekion was started by former Tesla executive, Jay Vijayan [directly reported to Elon Musk] with the vision of bringing the ease and delight of consumer eXperiences to the Automotive Retail Industry.

Like other enterprises, the automotive retail industry is plagued with fragmented solutions and legacy software which have to be redefined by also considering the complexity of the dealership management system involving over 30 unique roles across 8 departments, allow them to focus more on the customer and less on mundane tasks.

Tekion had tried different design firms and engagement models to build sustainable designs but were unable to build design momentum.

UXR Tekion Design Problems Solved

Design Problem

How might we establish a user-centric design culture and ecosystem that can help Tekion gain significant design momentum?

tekion Case Study Connecting with users

Connecting with users

We developed a regular cadence of speaking with users, which resulted in connection with 122 users in over 30 user research studies.

All findings and feedback were stored in a centralized tracker which defined the severity and priority of each insight to be solved in future design sprints.

UXR Tekion Strategizing the future of the product

Strategizing the future of the product

We tracked product and research roadmaps on a bi-weekly basis to ensure we were gathering user insights in a regular cadence and building the most relevant modules for the dynamic needs of our customers.

We scaled up to 4 design units, each handling 3-week sprints. These units produced 24 end-to-end eXperiences over 150+ sprints.

tekion Case Study Standardizing the design foundation

Standardizing the design foundation

Once a significant portion of the product was designed, we unified the designs under a single design system, which became the single point of truth for all designers and developers.

When our designs had been developed and were live with real end customers, we worked with Tekion’s QA team on fixes for items that were not implemented correctly at handoff.

UXR Tekion Driving outcomes

Driving outcomes

In 2019, FastCompany awarded and identified UXReactor in collaboration with Tekion as one of the 40 best companies across the world for superior UX designs out of 4,300 entries worldwide.

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