As a user researcher, you dedicate your work life to uncovering deep insights about your product’s users. But too often, all that data seemingly gets lost in the abyss. Rather than influencing strategy and decision-making, your findings on user needs, behaviors, and desires fall by the wayside. And that ultimately ends up hurting the user-centricity of your product. 

Translating your UX research for stakeholders to ultimately drive impact is tough. But it can be made easier when you break down your insights and present them in ways that resonate with specific, decision-making audiences. Just like talking to your best friend versus your child, the way you communicate with stakeholders about your research needs to be different from team to team.

In this white paper, we’ll guide you through:

  • Understanding stakeholders as users
  • A framework for showcasing your insights
  • How to maximize impact through strategic presentation

Download now to finally attract the care and attention your research insights deserve from stakeholders.