Speaking at Google’s Design Is […], UXReactor co-founder Satyam Kantamneni presents a reaffirming message to designers and leaders alike.

Many organizations have “woken up” to the idea of design being a key business differentiator. Gone are the days when simply having the best-engineered solution would guarantee the success of a product. However, many design professionals today find it hard to connect the dots between the realities of business and design, and shifting design from a team function to a strategic function is still a challenge in many organizations.

In this talk, Satyam shares many of his personally hard-won insights about the relationship of business and design. He will introduce key concepts such as “design premium”, “business risk”, and “impact ratios” that push the conversation further on how design can (and should!) drive business more effectively.

4:51 – Listen to the Customer, Build It, and Ship It.
6:46 Business CAN Drive Design
8:46 The State of the UX Profession
11:50 The Four Takeaways
12:11 1st – The Right Focus
14:28 2nd – The Right Alignment
20:39 3rd – The Governance
29:45 4th – The Right Language
35:00 Summary
36:47 Q&A