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Business Thinking for Design Leads UXReactor

Business schools are talking design, but how many designers are talking business? Join this course to learn the value designers can bring to the table through understanding the right business focus, speaking the right language, and more. Get equipped with a mindset and frameworks that you can start using today.

Why is this important?

Gone are the days when simply having the best-engineered solution would guarantee the success of a product. However, many product stakeholders today find it hard to connect the dots between the realities of business and design, and shifting design from a team function to a strategic function is still a challenge in many organizations. Design focused companies grow faster, drive more revenue and have a higher NPS score than those who don’t take design seriously. In fact, design focused companies like American Express, Citrix, CDW, and PayPal have outperformed their competitors by 25% year-over-year.

Why Business Thinking for Design Leads

Who this is for

Design Leads


Through our workshop you will learn how design can drive business. We’ll walk you through practical methods that drive business value such as the eXperience Roadmap and the Business Model Canvas. You’ll learn about concepts such as the eXperience value chain, portfolio management, Design Opportunities, and the Design Premium. These concepts make your design decisions, business decisions that will help you get buy-in from executives.


Format of Business Thinking for Design Leads Workshop 2 day in-person workshop

+ Access to two complimentary group office hours



Topics Covered

UXReactor The Design Premium
The Design Premium
UXReactor Five Ways to Evolve
Five Ways to Evolve
UXReactor Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas
UXReactor The eXperience Roadmap
The eXperience Roadmap

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