The eXperience

Hidden Catalysts of Successful Product Strategies

Exceptional eXperiences make exceptional products

Getting everyone to speak the same language and to understand the goals of the product can be a challenge for any organization. By focusing on the user eXperience rather than features, you can create unified goals, allocate resources more efficiently, and identify optimal metrics. Our hands-on workshop will show you the value and the how of this approach.

World Class Coaching

We will conduct a hands-on workshop with you and your team to create an eXperience Roadmap™ for one of your users. At the end of the day, you will be able to understand the Minimum Viable eXperience needed for your user and walk out with a tangible artifact to align your team around.

Designed for

The Workshop is designed for product managers, VPs, marketing, UX and engineering leads. It is for all products, whether they are conceptual or established, that are looking to enhance their customer eXperience.

Product Managers

Business Owners

UX and Engineering


What we bring

eXperience Focus

Shared Understanding

Optimized Metrics

Minimum Viable eXperience Identification

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