Usability Studies

Understanding how people use your product

Understanding creates value

How people actually use a product once it is launched is hard to predict, and new opportunities and pain points can come from unexpected places. Our veteran team will conduct studies to help validate or identify incorrect assumptions. Using this data, you can find valuable ways forward and lower risks as you drive your product forward.

World class research

Using moderated and unmoderated testing our research team will take a deep dive into the good, bad, and in-betweens of your product’s eXperience. We will give you concrete data and actionable next steps towards optimizing your user eXperience and creating additional value for your product.

Designed for

Product teams who are looking to validate their product, find opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Product Managers

Business Owners

“I’ve worked with a lot of designers in my career and I can say without thinking twice that you guys are the best designers I’ve worked with.”

Venkat Prasad

COO & CTO - Culture Machine Inc

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Findings reports with actionable recommendations

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