Satyam's Journey

Satyam Kantamneni

PragmaticUX and moving
design into business strategy

Satyam has been launching products and building design teams for over two decades. In his career, he has worked for world leading companies like Paypal, Citrix, Fidelity Financial Services, and Siemens. While at Paypal, he was instrumental in creating their Global Design Center and at Citrix, he was a founding member of the Citrix Design Group in California.

Silicon Valley To Harvard

Ready for something new

He began to feel an itch. Satyam loved design, but he needed a new challenge and began to ask himself - “What’s next?”.

Thus, he decided to pursue his growing interest in driving profit and loss at a corporate level. Why not learn more about business in the larger sense outside of design? So, after looking around at options, he decided that the best place to learn and grow for him was at Harvard Business School.

Attending Harvard for anyone is an educational eXperience, but for Satyam it also became a profound one. In his own words:

Silicon Valley To Harvard

“One of the professors stood up and said the biggest way to be successful in building a product is to listen to customers, build it the way the customers want it, and give it to them in the way they want it. As I looked around the room filled with amazing leaders of multi-million and billion dollar global companies, I saw most were writing this down with great interest. To me this was a fairly simple statement. This is exactly what I’ve been doing my whole career”.

Returning to California

Pragmatic Design

After graduating and returning to California, he began to talk to some of his colleagues in design about what he had seen and learned, but many couldn’t seem to grasp the connection between business and design. It became apparent to him that there was a huge disconnect between how business and design was being done. One that he realized needed to be bridged.

Pragmatic Design

He took inspiration from visionaries like James McKinsey, who transformed accounting from a tool into a management process that created the way modern business now operates. And while doing so, McKinsey created the world's most distinguished business consultancy.

UXReactor Outcomes


UXReactor Outcomes

Satyam knew design could and should be driving strategy and outcomes at the highest management levels. He knew that this would take a new system of utilizing design, which he called PragmaticUX. It was Product Thinking meets Design Doing. And he knew that it would enable businesses to drive forward the eXperience economy.

So, he partnered with Prasad Kantamneni and founded UXReactor to create a consultancy to do just that.

And that is what he is doing now, everyday and with every UXR partner.

When Satyam isn’t busy working hard, he loves to spend time with his wife Gayatri and their two daughters Veda and Mantra. He can also be spotted on certain Sundays at Levi’s Stadium cheering on the 49ers.

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