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RedSeal is a Silicon Valley based cyber security company founded in 2004. They help organizations measure the health of their network.

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Network security meets design

RedSeal was powerful and complex cyber security product but was in danger of falling behind to competition. The goal for the newly appointed Vice President of Product was to reestablish RedSeal in the industry as a leader by putting the focus back on the user and their product eXperience.

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What's the problem?

Over the course of our first few weeks of working together, we performed an initial audit of the product, interacted with respective stakeholders at RedSeal and interviewed users. We noticed three things. First, we observed a lack of hierarchy, order and consistency in the current product. Second, internal stakeholders had different perspectives of what their product was used for. This multitude of viewpoints led to a disparity of their understanding of the user’s needs and increased product complexity. Third, for any given user, only a few tools were being utilized, meaning users either didn't fully understand the value RedSeal could offer, didn't know how to use the other tools, or simply didn't need them. RedSeal needed to do something differently.

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Strategizing for their industry

The industry’s standard strategy was to have one eXperience for all types of users - one size fits all regardless of the user. But as our research insights had shown, there were different types of users who performed specific tasks at varying levels of complexity with the product. Collaborating with the RedSeal product team, we redefined this strategy. Together, we created personalized eXperiences for the users, tailor-made to their needs. We then began identifying and categorizing the users into various personas. New strategy in hand, we were ready to redesign the product.

Finding the sweet spot

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We began by designing a framework that could create a positive user eXperience for different personas while maintaining the consistency of a single product. Over the next months, through multitudes of variations and intense brainstorming sessions, we carefully crafted this standardized framework. It was consistent yet felt tailor-made to each persona, simple yet scalable to any size of network. We expeditiously began prototyping and validating this framework both internally with the RedSeal team and externally with users. After several rounds of user testing, the framework was set in place.

Driving value as a partner

Being a partner we’ve helped the company stay in line to persona goals and have been advocating for users since Day 1. We’ve performed research at conferences like RSA and Rapid 7, and have engaged with user types to identify their most important and underserved needs. And, we’ve encouraged and enabled several cross-functional and insightful discussions to happen internally after getting the right stakeholders at the table. In conclusion, at UXReactor, we believe that the success of our partners is the true metric for our success.

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