The eXperience Audit

Discover. Evaluate. Report.

A deep dive into your user

People care more about eXperiences than features. A bad eXperience will cost your product on many fronts. Our audit will quickly identify problem areas in your user eXperience. The audit will highlight the problems to prioritize and also identify optimal areas to make your product eXperience better.

A path to clarity

Over approximately three weeks we will work with you to get both a high level understanding of your product’s eXperience as well as specific scenarios that will identify user eXperience issues. Our detailed report will give clarity and options to optimize your product.

Designed for

Anyone from the CEO to a product manager who has concerns that their user eXperience is causing them problems. This audit will provide valuable insights for any product from the pre- launch phase through mature products.

Product Managers

Business Owners

UX and Engineering


“They [UXReactor] were incredibly organized and knowledgeable with their process of conducting an eXperience Audit. They provided an objective assessment of our product experience with actionable insights and a prioritized plan … We would highly recommend this team.“

Lynda Moyer

Director New Product Development, Catalia Health

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What we bring

Kick Off Workshop

One eXperience with two to three scenarios

A dedicated UX Consultant

A tangible report to give you direction moving forward

Start driving outcomes

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