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Our team has been working on and solving UX problems in Silicon Valley and beyond for over three decades. What we learned is that design isn’t just a tool, it’s a strategy for driving outcomes. We assembled a team brought together by that shared vision to tackle the problems of the digital economy.

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Every great story has a beginning

Prasad UXReactor

Co-Founder & CEO

Prasad Kantamneni

Satyam UXReactor

Co-Founder & CXO

Satyam Kantamneni


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The science of outcome conversion

UXReactor’s partnerships are all grounded in a deep understanding of your goals and intent allowing us to work and focus on driving your outcomes. We leverage proven user research techniques and methods to understand your customer and their experiences. This creates the correct conditions to design your optimal solution. We call this our Intent to Outcome Matrix (ITO)

The intent to Outcome Matrix
Product thinking to design doing

As partners, we look at problems from every angle, give you optimal solutions, and design the experiences you need to drive the outcome you require.


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