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Drive Minimum Viable Experience (MVE)

  • Tick IconValidate Concepts
  • Tick IconTest Hypothesis
  • Tick IconAnalyze Results
  • Tick IconPrioritize Requirements
  • Tick IconPrototype the MVE


Our Elements model is a good fit for startups looking for a shorter engagement. From helping you validate your idea to actually building it, we will partner with you to create your Minimum Viable Experience (MVE). Typical engagement is about four to six weeks.

business outcomes through design

Elements Hypothesis Testing


We leverage various research methods to rapidly validate your ideas with real users. This quick feedback helps to ensure we are focusing on what really matters to users.

Elements Requirement Analysis


To ensure your product aligns with user/business needs, we help you define the product’s requirements. This includes analyzing and prioritizing the requirements.

Elements Minimum Viable Experience


Our main focus in this model is to get you to the MVE. We make sure that the product we touch will truly transform and are constantly focused on iterating and improving it over time.

Product Thinking to Design Doing

At UXReactor, our process revolves around delivering value. This is the core of our user centered innovation methods. We use validated methods that cover the entire product and design spectrum


“UXReactor will better enable any ecommerce team to deliver improved business outcomes for their products. UXReactor has established the most effective working model to help where it is needed the most. If you are struggling with finding or affording ux talent, connect with UXReactor first. You will not be disappointed.”


VICE PRESIDENT - GM, CDW John Seebeck CDW UXreactor

The world doesn’t always fit into neat boxes. Not sure which level of engagement you fit into? No problem - drop us a line and we can figure out how we can work together.