Giving Back – The World’s Largest Entrepreneur Convention

We aren’t the only people trying to help visionary entrepreneurs achieve their visions. Our friends at TiE host of the largest entrepreneur conference in the world called TieCon, which is held in Santa Clara, California. They also hold conferences in other locations around the world. They are a non profit trying to foster global innovation. They have a global initiative with 61 chapters in 18 countries.

Their goal is to showcase and promote entrepreneurship in a global ecosystem. They wanted to be a cutting edge platform to help form and connect communities of like minded individuals all over the world.


Simplifying to create a beautiful experience to go with their vision

Identifying Problems

The problem they had was their website had become dated. They felt they needed an update. They asked us to help and fix the problem and create an awesome experience to match their vision.

Though we aren’t really in the business of website design, we believed in what TiEcon was trying to do. And as they were a non-profit, this would be a pro bono partnership. It wasn’t about money, it was about a shared vision.

Crafting Experiences

Although TiE had come to us for a visual refresh, we were able to quickly identify that wasn’t enough to solve the problem. We needed to go deeper.

Hosting a conference is complicated and when you are hosting the largest one of its type in the world, it's more so. There are many speakers, booths, and attendees all interacting simultaneously. It gets confusing fast.

What we were able to identify very quickly was that the website was suffering from this confusion. This resulted in a less than ideal user experience. We needed to redesign the entire architecture if we were going to give TiE the outcome they needed.


The first step to doing this is to identify what information was important for the user to have. We did our research and created an information hierarchy which allowed us to rank the information as well as identify how it was all connected.

With that information laid out, we began to design an ecosystem for the user to access this information. Our goal wasn’t just to present the information, but to create a compelling user experience. We wanted the users to stay longer and dig deeper when they visited.

One way to accomplish this is by simplicity. We had to analyze how the information was being presented across the various pages. Was there a better way? Using our information hierarchy, user testing, and input from the TiE team, we were able to reduce the number of screens 33%.

Driving Value

When we were finished with our work, we realized we had delivered so much more than a touch-up. We had created an entirely new digital experience. One that was both simple and beautiful. We had also added a mobile experience that had not existed before.

This resulted in outcomes that could help TiECon succeed. With more time spent on their site, they could create more exposure for speakers, which in turn makes it more appealing for future presenters. And of course, this increased exposure helped TieCon achieve its core goal of which is to spurring innovation through entrepreneurship.

Giving back through creating exceptional experiences, it was great to help a non-profit whose vision matched ours.

“Thank you Satyam and UX Reactor team for designing a responsive and modern website.”

Anand Akela

Marketing Chair

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